The Sydney Craven Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization helping to provide financial support to children and families in Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater for activities that promote individuality, growth, and self-discovery. The annual scholarships given through this fund help children enhance their self-esteem and embrace their inner “sparkle.” Our annual 5K Tutu Run & SparkleFest is a fantastic community event, bringing local families of all ages together for a great day of  healthy fun and activities. It is our largest fundraiser supporting the scholarship fund.

As Sydney’s parents, we want to honor our daughter, we want to create a legacy, and share the sparkle that she had.. Sydney Gabrielle Craven was just amazing, spunky, and a sweet little girl. We know that her sparkle and twin bond will live on forever through every bow, sparkle, tutu, and memory that is shared.