Q: What is the Sydney Craven Memorial Fund?
A: The Sydney Craven Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization that was established in memory of Sydney Craven. Sydney passed away suddenly, nine days before her second birthday. Her parents, Heather and Shane, and twin  brother Logan, set up this memorial fund as a way to honor the memory of their daughter who was a vibrant, outgoing, spunky little girl. Sydney’s personality “sparkled,” and this memorial fund is a way to keep that “sparkle” alive.

Q: What does the money raised go towards?
A: The money raised through this memorial fund goes directly to a scholarship program. The scholarship program financially assists children and families who want to participate in organized activities who, without this funding, would not be able to participate. Examples of scholarship funding include (but are not limited to) dance classes, swim lessons, summer camp, singing lessons, and much more.

Q: Who qualifies for the scholarships?
A: Children, birth-12 years old, in the towns of East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and Bridgewater qualify for scholarships through the Sydney Craven Memorial Fund. Applicants will be asked to submit an application to qualify for funding. The application will also include two essay questions: 1) Why do you need this funding? 2) Keeping in mind the mission statement of the fund to promote individuality, growth and self-discovery, describe your child and the ways in which they will benefit from this fund?

Q: Who makes the decisions about which scholarship applications are funded?
A: A scholarship committee consisting of members of the Sydney Craven Memorial Fund Advisory Board will review all applications and select recipients.

Q: How does the recipient receive the funds?
A: The funds are dispersed by the Treasurer of the Sydney Craven Memorial Fund, by check, directly to the group/organization running the activity. (i.e. if a child is receiving funds for dance lessons, the dance studio that the child enrolls in will receive a check directly from the Memorial Fund)

Q: Do the recipients have to do anything once they receive the funding?
A: The recipients of the fund are encouraged to submit photographs of their child participating in the activity to be used in publications to promote the Memorial Fund and it’s mission.

Q: What does my donation do? What’s in it for me?
A: Your donation is vital to the success of this scholarship program. As a donor, you are helping to enrich children’s lives in the Bridgewater communities and also to help Sydney’s legacy live on.