IMG_3249“Here comes Baby A…what is her name?” the doctor said. I proudly answered- “Sydney Gabrielle”. On March 28, 2013 at 12:33pm, weighing 5lbs 6ozs and 18 ¼ inches long, Sydney entered the world just one minute earlier than her brother, which made her the older sister. As a parent you immediately think the world of your children. When people would ask me to describe my twins I would just say, “perfect”. Since day one, Sydney was full of love, spunk, and determination. Her laugh was infectious, and her personality could light up any room. She was never shy in front of the camera, and knew just when to make the right move, which would either bring tears, laughter, or joy to her parents’ eyes. Along with her brother Logan, Sydney had ‘cheeks for days’. People would literally come up to us on the street and ask to squeeze their cheeks. For those of you luckily enough to really get to know Sydney, you knew her classic “diva stare”, a special look she reserved for her favorite people. She was just something else. To know her was to love her and be in absolute awe of her.

As her first birthday approached, Sydney’s personality really began to shine, and the joy she had for life was starting to bloom. She wasn’t afraid of much, besides men with long beards ( her uncles had to trim their beards often as she would run away). She loved to dance, twirl around in her tutus, giggle a deep belly laugh, pull out the colorful bows that were placed so strategically in her hair, and spend time with her twin brother, mommy, daddy, and dog Bronco that she adored. The love she had for her twin “brotha” Logan was something so special. She would always look for him, or before she did something she would always check with him first. The twin bond was very special to watch as it grew overtime.

Two years seems like a small amount of time for such a little girl to fill the world with so much joy, but Sydney’s personality was larger than life. Some of the best memories we have of Sydney is when she would hold her brother’s hand, stand up against the gate at night and wait for her daddy to come home, or at bedtime when her mommy would have to sneak out of the room before she noticed, so she wouldn’t scream, “mommy, mommy, mommy!”.

Sydney had special bonds, relationships, and love for her, grandparents, her aunties, uncles, godparents, and friends that were family. She loved holidays, or really any occasion to celebrate something special with the people who cared for her and loved for her so much. Sydney was destined to do great things as she was spunky, outgoing, and filled with love and sparkle.

We never dreamed life would take this course, and would do anything to have her back, even for one more day. But one thing that is for sure is that she will live on, and will continue to do great things. Sydney’s legacy will touch many peoples’ lives in many ways, whether big or small. The best thing for us is to remember our sweet baby girl, and carry on her legacy. She will never be forgotten. Every tutu, every butterfly, every sparkle, or beautifully pink thing you see, You are seeing our Sydney. Her sparkle will live on and shine forever.